Company Setup Japan

JMC can help you set up the right type of company or presence in Japan

There are 3 main types of companies and one type of legal structure that can be formed in Japan

Kabushiki Kaisha often shortened as K.K. is a joint stock company and is the standard in setting up a company in Japan.

– Branch office has its name indicate is a branch of an overseas company. This may be an interesting option for certain types of business.

– Limited Liability Company or Godo Kaisha in Japanese shortened as G.K. . This type of company has a lower cost of setup which may be interesting for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

For more details about K.K., please also feel free to consult JMC Japan Corporate Law page

Representative Office: If you just want to employ one or 2 persons in Japan without creating a company, there is a possibility to create a Representative Office. The advantage is that the Representative Office does not need to be registered with Legal Affairs Bureau or Tax Office since it does not pay tax. The limitation is that a Japan Representative Office activity is limited as its name indicates, to representation activity and gathering information about the Japanese market. A Representative Office cannot be engaged in sales or marketing activity in Japan.

JMC can support you during the whole Japan company formation process and beyond

Besides the advice for setting up a company, JMC can help you by providing resident representative services needed for all registered structures in Japan and also registered address to help start your business.

JMC and its partners can also assist you in obtaining the necessary business license.

Once your Japan company is created, JMC can facilitate your growth by providing business support services such as:

tax registration
tax compliance for your Japanese company
bank account opening in Japan

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