Japan National Holidays

National/ public holidays system in Japan

On average, there are around 15 public holidays a year in Japan.

There are four national holidays: Coming of age day; Marine day; Respect of the Aged day; Health-Sports day which are scheduled to come on Mondays so the date is subject to change every year.

If any of the remaining national holidays fall on a Sunday, the holiday will be moved to the following Monday.


Japan national holidays in 2018

1/1            First Day of the Year

1/8            Coming of Age Day

2/12          National Foundation Day (Substitution of 2/11)

3/21          Spring Equinox

4/30          Showa Day (Substitution of 4/29)

5/3            Constitution Day

5/4            Green Day

5/5            Children Day

7/16          Marine Day

8/11           Mountain Day

9/17           Respect of the Aged Day

9/24           Autumn Equinox (Substitution of 9/23)

10/8           Health-Sports Day

11/3           Culture Day

11/23         Labor Thanksgiving Day

12/24         Emperor’s Birthday (Substitution of 12/23)

Japan national holidays in 2019

1/1            First Day of the Year

1/14          Coming of Age Day

2/11          National Foundation Day

3/21          Spring Equinox

4/29          Showa Day

4/30          National Holiday (Only 2019)

5/1            Crown prince enthroned era (Only 2019)

5/2            National Holiday (Only 2019)

5/3            Constitution Day

5/4            Green Day

5/6            Children Day (Substitution of 5/5)

7/15          Marine Day

8/12          Mountain Day (Substitution of 8/11)

9/16          Respect of the Aged Day

9/23          Autumn Equinox

10/14        Health-Sports Day

10/22        Ceremony of coronation Rei Tadashi (Only 2019)

11/4          Culture Day(Substitution of 11/3)

11/23        Labor Thanksgiving Day


Other significant holidays in Japan

In Japan, there are 3 main holidays throughout the year.  New Year holidays, Golden week and “Obon”.

– The Japanese New Year celebrated on 1st January is the most important holiday of the year. Companies in Japan usually close their offices for about a week, around 3 days prior to the New Year and 3 days after the New Year.

– Golden week is a period when there are three consecutive national holidays. Many employees in Japan combine their paid vacations days with the national holidays and take a week long vacation.

-“Obon” is a Buddhist festival period in August and many Japanese companies give their employees additional paid vacation days during this period.