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International Companies Coming to Japan

JMC Expertise

Professional Service in Japan

JMC can offer one-stop solutions for all the professional services needed by a company entering the Japan market. These business services in Japan cover:

At JMC we are committed to providing business services to companies that want to operate in the Japanese market. From company formation in Japan to implementation of our recommendations and beyond, you can find all the professional services you need to form and run a business in Japan, all under one roof.

Why Choose JMC?

JMC offers professional consulting services that are client focused. Our mission is to help foreign companies enter the Japanese market in a smooth and cost effective manner.

All of our Japanese consultants are bilingual accountants who understand the Japan market and can help you navigate the Japan business world.

JMC will assign a team to your company to assist with your transition to Japan. They will be there to help with any business needs including office setup and payroll services.