Hire English Speaking Employees in Japan

Challenges of Hiring in Japan

It has always been a challenge to hire bilingual staff in Japan, and that challenge is even more difficult for foreign businesses. Japan has been experiencing a labor shortage for decades now, and English-speaking staff is more in-demand than ever before. For foreign businesses, the language gap often presents a problem, and the need for online interviews can make it hard to identify the best candidates.

In today’s job market, a Japanese recruitment agent will often find candidates in exchange for 35-40% of their annual income. In the end, this system is quite expensive and ineffective. Not only does it incentivize a job recruiter to present underqualified candidates at inflated salaries, but it also creates a conflict of interest. Within the confines of this system, candidates are selected with a minimum of research, often resulting in a poor match.

While this system is extremely beneficial for the job recruiter, it leads to high employee turnover and puts the employee in a situation where their salary doesn’t have much room to grow in the future. This can make employees feel unmotivated and cause their employers to feel like they aren’t getting a good value for the money they are paying. At JMC, we believe that hiring talent shouldn’t be based on a commission; we believe the right candidate for the job is the one with the right qualifications.

How JMC Can Help with Recruitment

Recruitment process outsourcing in JapanIf you need to hire an accountant, CPA, or any other employee in Japan, JMC’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) could be the answer you are looking for. The idea is very simple. With JMC’s RPO, we use the same hiring process we would use to hire employees for our organization. Here is how our recruitment process outsourcing works:

  • We define the profile of the position to be filled and adapt our hiring sales pitch to coincide with the expectations and mindset of Japanese employees
  • We prepare and publish an advertisement publicly online
  • We screen potential candidates for you and check their qualifications
  • We present you with three or more candidates for your final selection interviews

As you can see, our recruitment process takes care of a lot of the most difficult work for you. When we are done, all you have to do is select from the best candidates that we have already vetted. By using our system, you can significantly lower your costs and ensure there is no conflict of interest. With the help of our professional team, you can hire the best bilingual employees for your international company in
Japan. We are also a government-licensed recruiter with license number 13-Yu-305753.

Because our core competency is in finance and accounting, our system is especially effective for employment services employers who need to hire finance professionals or recruit an accountant.

We Specialize in Acquiring Top Accounting & Finance Talent

Whether you need to hire finance professionals, recruit an accountant or CPA, or need help with hiring talent in Japan of any kind, JMC is the consulting firm to call. When you use a recruitment agency, the agency does not provide much guarantee for the professional or accountant that they introduce. JMC’s RPO is designed to eliminate conflicts of interest and ensure you get the right candidate to fill your position. You can hire finance professionals or hire an accountant for a reasonable fee; JMC can help you.