Information Technology Services in Japan

JMC can provide in cooperation with its information technology partners a full range of services in the domain of information technology focused on the needs of foreign based companies in Japan. The range of services covers:

  • set up of IT systems for the new Japan company
  • maintenance of the IT system
  • introduction of management software such as accounting system, payroll system, time management system
  • intranet services

JMC services advantages for information technology

The particular strength of our information technology services is that they are combined with our expertise of management consulting and also our deep knowledge of operations based on our outsourcing services.

Clients get realistic, productive solutions that really improve their business process and efficiency.

Before stating any information technology project, JMC makes sure that eh project is realistic provides real benefits to the clients. It also makes sure that the time table can be respected as well as the budget.

This is an approach to information technology services based on reality, long experience, inspired by dreams but not driven by dreams.