Japan National Holidays

National holidays system in Japan

On average, there are around 15 National holidays a year in Japan.

There are four national holidays: Coming of age day; Marine day; Respect of the Aged day; Health-Sports day which are scheduled to come on Mondays so the date is subject to change every year.

If any of the remaining national holidays fall on a Sunday, the holiday will be moved to the following Monday.

Japan national holidays in 2022

1/1            First Day of the Year

1/10          Coming of Age Day

2/11          National Foundation Day

2/23          The Emperor’s Birthday

3/21          Vernal Equinox Day

4/29          Showa Day

5/3            Constitution Memorial Day

5/4            Greenery Day

5/5            Children’s Day

7/18          Marine Day

8/11          Mountain Day 

9/19          Respect of the Aged Day

9/23          Autumn Equinox

10/10        Health-Sports Day

11/3          Culture Day

11/23        Labour Thanksgiving Day
The dates in this table are an estimate. We will update this page once the official public holiday dates for 2022 are released.

Other significant holidays in Japan

In Japan, there are 3 main holidays throughout the year.  New Year holidays, Golden week and “Obon”.

– The Japanese New Year celebrated on 1st January is the most important holiday of the year. Companies in Japan usually close their offices for about a week, around 3 days prior to the New Year and 3 days after the New Year.

– Golden week is a period when there are three consecutive national holidays. Many employees in Japan combine their paid vacations days with the national holidays and take a week long vacation.

-“Obon” is a Buddhist festival period in August and many Japanese companies give their employees additional paid vacation days during this period.