Legal Services in Japan

Legal Services for foreign companies in Japan

In Japan, compared to the US, there are relatively few lawyers.  According to the American Bar Association, there were about 1.2 Million Lawyers in the US in 2010 or one lawyer for every 250 people. According to Federation of Japanese Bars Association, there were only about 31,000 lawyers or one lawyer for every 4,100 people.

In this environment, when the need for professionalism, knowledge, experience, English speaking capability and respect for the client are combined, there are few legal firms that can provide foreign companies with the services that they need in  Japan. Therefore JMC has established a list of recommended lawyers for its foreign clients coming to Japan.

Recommended Lawyers in Japan by JMC:

JMC has worked for a long time and has appreciated the services of the following Lawyers and Law Firms (given by alphabetical order of last name). Please feel free to contact what JMC considers as some of the best lawyers in Japan:

Lucas Oliver-Frost,
Partner (GJB, NSW)
TA Lawyers, Tokyo – Registered Joint Enterprise
Shiroyama Trust Tower 15th Floor,
4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-6015, Japan
Tel. 81-3-6809-2050 | Fax. 81-3- 6809-2051