Merger and Acquisitions M&A in Japan

JMC supports a full range of services to support our client Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity in Japan( in-bound  transaction) and can also assist in out-bound M&A activity especially In Europe. Our business model is based on a consulting approach to bring long term sustainable benefits to our client and achieving more than a purely financial transaction. Our services encompass pre-M&A transaction services, transactions services and post M&A services that cover all life cycle of the transaction.

Pre M&A support acquisition target screening

JMC can help you identify the best target based on value increase and post-merger synergy by combining:
– Our strategy consulting capacity, local knowledge of the Japan industry and its shifting market landscape and local insight of our bilingual Japanese consultants

– Careful financial analysis and focus on true due diligence based on our audit and consulting capabilities including market research and intelligence

JMC knowledge of the Japanese market and culture is critical to convince potential of the value proposition of our clients and ensure that the Japanese side sees the long term value of the transaction for its organization and also its Japanese employees. This capability is also critical to make successful pre-M&A deal introduction that can speed up and raise the success chances of the transaction.

JMC, thanks to its contact in the Japanese financial community, can also help with local financing of the transaction.

Post M&A support

Once the transaction is completed JMC can insure that the client realize the full value and benefits of the transaction

In this respect, JMC expertise in operations is critical and especially our expertise in project management change management and process optimization.

In the aftermath of the transaction, JMC help the organization to:

– Prioritize short- and near-term opportunities
– Identify cost reduction areas (low hanging fruits)
– Establish a clear timeline and action plan
– Accompany it by a change management plan to ensure a smooth integration

JMC also help plan for the mid-term by identifying:

– New business opportunities for the merged companies
– Possible leverage of the seize effect
– Cost reduction opportunities including procurement
– Business Process Optimization
– Dynamic Human resources management