Project Management in Japan

JMC has developed a strong expertise in project management based on our long experience of implementing change at our client’s organization. Our project management expertise also draws on our Change Management expertise which facilitates and accelerates the implementation of big changes in organizations.

Our JMC method Goal Directed Project Management

JMC project management services are based on Goal Directed Project Management or “GDPM”, a methodology developed by a consulting team of Coopers & Lybrand now PricewaterhouseCoopers. This methodology has been especially designed for undertaking significant change in organizations where humans play a key role and is much more effective than project management methods conceived for software development

Goal Directed Project Management method

GDPM method focus on results called goals rather than activity. The central tool is a milestone plan that lists all the goals than needs to be achieved for the completion of the project and their interaction.

GDPM also outlines the responsibility of the actors involved in the changes

GDPM does not forget the resources needed and make sure that they are available and identify resource constraint for the development of the project.