Strategy Consulting in Japan

Strategy Consulting in Japan

JMC can address the critical questions facing senior executives in the Japanese market and develop plans for growth, productivity and increased shareholder value. We especially have a strong track record at helping foreign companies develop their business in Japan by either reformulating existing strategy and actually implement them or developing new strategy based on Japan market intelligence.

JMC has strong Japan market research skills and understanding of market trends in Japan. Along with our proven methodology and analytical firepower, this enables us to develop strategies that can be implemented and bring measurable and sustainable benefits to your organization as well as accelerate its growth. JMC does not hesitate to propose creative solution to accelerate your growth, maximize returns and minimize risks by using business alliance, technology licensing, joint venture agreement as well as merger and acquisitions.

Advantages of JMC for strategy consulting

Bilingual Japanese and non-Japanese experienced consultants

JMC has a team of bilingual Japanese experienced consultants that can get information on the ground on the Japanese market situation. Our Japanese consultants also work in team with non-Japanese consultants that understand the best practice of international strategy consulting firms and can communicate efficiently with your headquarters out of Japan.

Deep market intelligence capacity

Our consultants have experience getting information in difficult markets and also can give our clients reasonable expectations. They also have deep knowledge of market trends and a vast network of contact which is critical to get the good intelligence in Japan.

Commitment to implementation

JMC commit to follow through and can give time table of implementation with expected benefits and resources required can follow though the implementation of their strategy in Japan. Because of its business support line of activity, JMC also has a very strong background on process optimization, project management and change management that can support the implementation of the solutions that we propose.