Working Visa for Japan

JMC helps its client who set up a new company in Japan to get working visa for its employees who need to work in Japan.
For regulatory reasons, this visa application service is provided by a JMC partner.
Several types of visa are possible for professionals wanting to work in Japan:

Intra-Company transferee Visa

This visa is one of the straightest forward to obtain. In that case, JMC would set up a K.K. for you and Eric Perraudin would act as representative of the company in Japan (See our company set up services and representative director services). JMC partner would then apply for a visa for an employee of the company working abroad for at least one year so that he can be transferred in Japan and obtain an Intra-Company Transferee certificate of eligibility.

Specialist as Humanities / International Services Skilled Labor

This visa is used for professionals who wish to enter Japan to work and are not eligible for intra-Company Transferee visa.

Investor Business Manager Visa

This visa is required for those who want to have management function in a company and especially become director of companies in Japan. It is relatively difficult to obtain since a lot documentation is required and conditions of the size of the company in Japan and its business plan apply.

Disclaimer: This information is for illustration purpose only. JMC cannot be held liable for any decision made based on this information. For any advice regarding immigration in Japan, Licensed Immigration Attorney should be consulted.