Japan company guidebook

The purpose of this series of page is to give foreign companies useful knowledge and advice on how to manage their Japan subsidiaries regarding accounting, bookkeeping, payroll taxes and HR human resources:

Main Japan company information published in our Japan Guidebook and frequently asked questions FAQ:

We have already published the following pages:

– Finance Department in Japan: an outline of how to manage the finance function of foreign subsidiary in Japan

Regarding taxation of foreign companies in Japan:

– Taxes in Japan for Corporation to outline the main taxes paid by corporation in Japan and
 Japan Tax Compliance Deadlines to illustrate the main deadlines for tax returns and tax filings

Regarding payroll and benefits issues for employees of foreign corporations in Japan:

– Payroll in Japan an outline of main payroll practice in Japan
– Japan Employee Benefits a summary of main benefits for employees in Japan
– Japan Maternity leave a summary of benefits and procedure for employees taking maternity leave
– Japan Labor laws and extract of some relevant Japan Labor Laws

We have added also some useful information such as schedule of main holidays in Japan.

– Japan National Holidays

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