Management Consulting Services in Japan

Committed to bring measurable benefits to our clients in Japan

Japan market entry consulting

Japan Market Entry Services provide a clear “implementable” strategy and business plan for entering the market, highlighting the potential gains achievable, cost and risk associated. We commit to implement our recommendations.

Japan strategy consulting and new business development

Japan strategy consulting services draw on JMC knowledge of the Japanese market, the shifting trends of industries and our strong capability for market intelligence. Based on the information gathered about the Japanese market and the unique needs and strengths of our client, using methodologies like SWOT analysis and Porter Five Forces,  we define with our clients a realistic Japan strategy. Following this strategy, we develop with the client team Japan business plan which provide realistic recommendations to bring measurable benefits to our clients. We also help our clients to develop new business using a specific approach in order to capitalize on their existing assets and our Japanese consultants knowledge of Japan market entry.

Merger & Acquisition M&A Alliances

JMC M&A services provide M&A target identification for foreign companies that wish to enter or expand in the Japanese market. Our research takes into account market situation in japan, strengths of the acquiring companies and match with target acquisition. JMC also provides pre and post-merger services to make sure to extract the value of the projected M&A and reduce risks (also see due diligence below). Through its extensive banking and finance network JMC can also arrange financing.

Due Diligence in Japan

Our Japanese consultants can perform all operations related to business due diligence. After financial audit is performed with our Japanese CPA partners, JMC can restate the balance sheet and point out hidden liabilities and assets as well potential risks. Common risks in Japan are unwritten commitments, unfunded pension liabilities, redundant workforce and unrecorded financial obligations. Our Japanese management consultants can go beyond due diligence to propose a strategy and a business plan to maximize the value of company acquired in Japan.

Marketing consulting and Distribution in Japan

Developing a successful marketing strategy to sell products in Japan especially consumer products and in the fashion industry is a challenge for foreign companies which may not be familiar with the particulars of the Japanese market. Our Japanese consultants helps clients to implement marketing strategies and improve their distribution channels.

Project Management in Japan

JMC project management services are central to the success of any management consulting project. This is especially true in Japan where project management can be used to fill the cultural gap in multi-national companies between Japanese and foreign management team. A good road map based on milestones and JMC expertise in use of Goal Directed Project Management methodology provides common ground for the multi-cultural management teams of our clients to work together to the success of their project.