JMC Japan Management Consulting

JMC K.K., Japan Management Consulting, is both a consulting company made of professional management consultants and outsourcing services company in Japan with consultants and accountants who total more than 30 years of experience with major consulting firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, serving foreign companies in Japan and Fortune 500 clients.

JMC Business Services for foreign companies in Japan

Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services

JMC Japanese consultants team offers accounting, bookkeepingpayroll and payment outsourcing services for foreign companies in Japan that can be customized to answer your specific company needs. Eric Perraudin, President of JMC, a fomer director at PwC Business Process Outsourcing Japan and Management Consulting Services, has more than 18 years experience helping foreign companies in Japan. The added value of our outsourcing services in Japan is its combination with JMC management consulting services which provides a high level quality of services to our clients.

Important for our clients: Introduction of My Number system in Japan from January 2016. Click here

Japan Market Entry Consulting

Japan Market Entry Consulting provides a clear “implementable” strategy and business plan for entering the market, highlighting the potential gains achievable, cost and risk associated. We commit to implement our recommendations. We also provide representative director and branch manager services as well as related outsourcing and support services: accounting, bookkeeping, payment, payroll, recruiting.

Management Consulting for foreign companies in Japan

First, we believe in the importance of  understanding the needs of our clients in Japan and elaborating  for them a unique solution to satisfy the management needs. In management consulting, “One size does not fit all” . Second, JMC focuses on delivering value to the clients. This means that    we commit to implement  recommendations  that can bring quick and measurable results to our clients. Our bilingual Japanese management consulting services cover:
Strategy Consulting
– Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Business Alliances
– Due Diligence
– Marketing Consulting,  Distribution and order fulfillement (logistics)
– Performance Management & Balance Scorecard
– Process Improvement & Productivity
– Procurement Consulting
Project Management

Professional services in Japan

In collaboration with its partners, JMC give access to a range of professional services in Japan such as:
Representative Director Services
Tax Compliance services
Audit and review services
Legal services

Consulting and Accounting career opportunities with JMC in Japan

Please follow the link: Accounting and Consulting Jobs in Japan with JMC


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