Finance Department in Japan

Accounting for Foreign companies in Japan

Foreign companies with mid size subsidiaries in Japan typically have a hard time setting up an effective bilingual Finance department in Japan. The reasons are that bilingual effective resources are difficult to hire and once they are hired it is difficult to keep them. Midsize foreign companies have a challenge offering evolutive attractive career plans in Japan and are also the target of very active recruiting firm who solicit their best employees.

Business process outsourcing can solve these issues.

JMC offers a wide range of outsourcing solutions for Japan

For companies up to 10 employees:

We advise to completely outsource the whole administrative function

For companies over 10 employees:

We advise to use a combination of outsourcing service for high level professional services and long term temporary staff for everyday routing functions: issuance of client invoices payment and vendor invoices.

Obviously every company situation is unique and we advise to contact us so we can set up together the solution which is most appropriate for your finance function needs in Japan