K.K. (Kabushiki Kaihsa) or Japan Joint Stock Company

Advantages of setting up a K.K. in Japan

The main advantage of forming a K.K. in Japan is credibility. For historical reason before the promulgation of the new corporate law in Japan in 2006, a K.K. or Kabushiki Kaisha in Japanese (literally translated as stock company, has been the most “serious” and credible type of company in Japan. This was linked to the requirements to set up a K.K, in the former corporate law, that were rather stringent: necessity to have at least 10 Million JPY in capital, necessity of having a board of directors with at least 3 directors and a statutory auditor.

Main Features of a Japanese K.K. or Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan stock company

Japanese K.K. has no minimum capital requirement.
Japanese K.K. needs to have at least one director resident of Japan who is a representative director.
There are no limitations to the business that can be undertaken by a Japanese K.K. except for special activities that require business license like Finance, Telecom …

Note: JMC can provide you with a Japanese resident director

What is needed to create a Japanese K.K.?

Define the name of the company in Japan
Define the purpose of the company
Write articles of incorporation in Japanese
Decide if the company needs of not a board of directors.
Obtain a Japanese registered address.
(JMC can provide an registered address in Japan under certain conditions)
As mentioned above, a Japanese resident Director is needed

JMC can provide a questionnaire that outlines the main issues to be considered on request to corporate clients.

JMC and its legal partners can manage the whole creation process on your behalf with a budget starting from 500,000 JPY including registration taxes for a company of less than 10 Million JPY capital.

Main obligations of a Japanese K.K. or Japan joint stock company

Japanese K.K. needs to be registered with the Japan Legal Affairs Bureau

Japanese K.K. needs to be register with relevant tax office

Statutory accounting: the Japan company has to maintain a General Ledger in Japanese Yen
JMC accounting services can help you fulfill this obligation

The Japanese K.K. needs to hold an Annual shareholder meeting that approves the corporate accounts for the fiscal year.

It also needs to periodically renew the mandate of the Japanese company directors.

Disclaimer: This information is for illustration purpose only. JMC cannot be held liable for any decision made based on this information. For any legal advice  in Japan, a Japanese Legal Professional should be consulted.