Corporate Secretary Services in Japan

If you are planning on expanding your company into the Japanese market, there are many responsibilities you will have to accept if you want to remain in good standing with the various regulators and bureaus governing foreign companies in Japan. For example, you will need to hold annual meetings, take minutes, and more. Are you prepared to do everything you need to do to fulfill these requirements? Having your corporate secretary in Japan can make it much easier. JMC can provide corporate secretary services for foreign firms in Japan and so much more. JMC’s team of partners, lawyers, and judicial scriveners can cover your corporate secretary needs in Japan, so get in touch with us if you need a corporate secretary to handle the bureaucratic side of your company.

Corporate secretary services in Japan

Annual Corporate Secretary services:

JMC’s corporate secretary services typically cover:

– Minutes of Board of Director Meetings
– Minutes of Annual Shareholder Meetings and approval of financial statements
– Updates to company registration such as changes of address
– Regular reappointment of directors
– Registration with the Legal Affairs Bureau
– Issuance of Company Certificate of Registration
– Annual Publication of Financial Statements

Compliance in Japan

JMC’s team of experts can also check that there are no major compliance issues for your foreign companies in Japan such as:

– Tax filings
– Social insurance filings
– Registration with the Legal Affairs Bureau

Other Roles of a Company Secretary in Japan

While the tasks listed above cover some of the most basic corporate secretarial services we can offer, there is so much more that a corporate secretary can do for you. At JMC, we always customize our services for each client. After we get to know you and your company, we can design a slate of corporate secretary services for your company in Japan. Whether you are starting a K.K. company, a G.K. company, or any other corporate entity, your corporate secretary can be a valuable resource for a range of tasks. Starting a business in another country can be difficult for even the savviest businessperson, so having the advice and assistance of someone who knows the local culture will give you a tremendous advantage.

The team at JMC has combined decades of experience in international business and we are prepared to put our experience to work for you. Expanding into the Japanese market can do a great deal to increase your international profile and is a major step towards becoming a major player on the world stage. Of course, there will be many obstacles to contend with if you hope to be successful. Opening an office, overcoming the language barrier, and finding local staff to fulfill your needs are all challenges that have tripped up many businesses in the past. The good news is that the team at JMC has seen the pitfalls experienced by other businesses and we can help you navigate them with ease. Our secretarial services in Japan are just one part of that equation. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a consultation and find out more about what you will need to make your Japanese business dreams come true.